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Yes, OL is correct, you can kick your kids out at 16. When there is a mental illness involved there are indeed additional complexities. Some laws consider it neglect or abuse. If individuals with a mental illness (with or without co morbid issues such as addiction) enters crisis mode (including behavioral, risky behaviors, etc), the proper medical personnel should be called upon .. they should "not" be thrown in the streets.

As OL also mentioned, there are many levels/degrees of functionality. The spectrum for instance is literally that .. a huge spectrum and the DSM places disorders based on symptom cluster designs. Many end up on the PDD-NOS (Pervasive developmental disorder not otherwise specified), which basically means they have different combinations of symptoms but don't actually meet a cluster.

For certain there should be an emergency plan put in place, equipped with phone numbers and assistance, if the teen is low functioning and frequently engages in risky behaviors. If it's just rebellious teen behavior and the child is high functioning .. it is what it is.
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