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[QUOTEUm, that's part of what parenting is! Having your weekends and evenings, and days, dictated to you by your children's health, activities, interests, etc. All families, divorced or intact, face this on a daily basis.

You can't expect your kids' activities to not affect your weekends. Are their lives and interests supposed to just cease to exist during your parenting time?][/QUOTE]

I would agree, especially as the kids get older. It is easy to avoid a birthday party for a kids friend or a pick an activity on just one day/week with a young child. Older kids know they are missing and they will be resentful if they have to miss frequently.

Also, as kids get older the activities tend to be more time consuming. some activities are predictable, some are not. In my community, hockey and soccer schedules change a lot, lack of ice time and fields. In my case, you sign up for soccer before you know a schedule, then find out what day of the week it is a couple of weeks before it starts, and if you have more than one kid, pray you wont have a schedule conflict. Then when you inevitably do have 2 kids playing at the same time on opposite ends of the city every week, scramble to arrange rides, car pool, whatever you have to do. And every one is in the same boat, intact family or not.

This is why I do not like the clause that you have to inform the other parent of the schedule prior to agreement on activities. In some activities that is quite impossible when registration occurs before schedules are made.
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