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Originally Posted by Ange71727 View Post
I guess you missed the memo on that. He doesn't want 50/50. That was all just bluster and bluffing. The new agreement still puts him under 40%.
Bluffing? He asked you for 50/50 many times and you kept turning him down. Why didn't you give him a chance?

He made it clear to all that he's only interested in having his kids on his days off from work. This is why he can't do 50/50 or even get to 40%. God forbid he'd have to parent when working like the majority of parents, and I'm sure yourself included.
He asked you for 50/50 many times. So he had a plan in place, including a girlfriend whom you even stated was close with the kids.

God forbid you would actually give him a chance to be an equal parent when he was begging you. Next time my daughter asks for a cookie over and over again I'll tell her no, then say she didn't want it.
But I'll spell it out for you I case you can't figure it out: he doesn't want to pay for it. Always about the $$$$.
I am insisting it be in the new agreement anyway. We'll see how that goes....
You don't have to spell it out for me. But I would like to reiterate what I, and other posters here have suggested, and that's paying for the subscriptions yourself and sending him a copy.
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