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Originally Posted by ensorcelled View Post
Just because you scrambled your DNA with someone, doesn't entitle you (or them) to anything. Much less your all-or-nothing 50%
50/50 surely isn't all or nothing. I'm very much against equal parenting if one parent can not for whatever reason meet the criteria or tests that are in place to test their "ability to parent".

Originally Posted by ensorcelled View Post
Just because someone isn't Paul Bernardo, doesn't mean they should be denied it either. There are many, many configurations of parenting plans and no family is similar to the other in which one is best for them.
100% agree. If you look through my posts I always recognize and state that 50/50 isn't for everyone.

I'm cognizant that one doesn't have to be Paul Bernardo to be disqualified from equal regimes, however, if the complaint is that the ex send annoying e-mails or assumptions that they just want money .. isn't (or shouldn't) be enough to disqualify them for 50/50 either.

To say that one's parenting skills are not adequate enough to engage in equal parenting is very bold and certain criteria/tests must be met to prove on a balance of probabilities that their ability to parent is compromised.

Parents who have been in the child's life already lingering around 35-45%, who are taking steps to improve life for the kids (i.e - moving closer to their school), etc probably won't meet those tests unless it greatly disrupted the lives of the kids .. which it wouldn't in many cases.

So no .. you dont have to be Paul Bernardo to lose 50/50 .. but you don't have to be a perfect man to achieve it either. In this particular case, her ex sound like an annoying mate/co parent, but a good dad who wants to be as involved as much as possible with his kids.

(and yes, I'm a member of Leading Women for Shared Parenting although the title is a bit weird- I'm not a leader in anything! We are currently looking to open a Canadian chapter- if interested).
That's incredible. I admire your initiative. I would be interested also.

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