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Originally Posted by LovingFather32 View Post
We have given you a healthy array of advice regarding this. Have you taken it? Harassment? Have you gotten a restraining order?

Don't "DEMAND" anything (poor choice of words) .. yikes.

What you do is make an offer with that. Make a list of why/how it will benefit the kids in the end. I'd make up a draft order (I was a boy scout in court) .. and have the judge order all that anyways. (OFW, etc)

So is the agreement that you're about to accept 50/50 by chance?

I guess you missed the memo on that. He doesn't want 50/50. That was all just bluster and bluffing. The new agreement still puts him under 40%. I know you'll automatically assume I "bullied" him into it but that isn't the case. He made it clear to all that he's only interested in having his kids on his days off from work. This is why he can't do 50/50 or even get to 40%. God forbid he'd have to parent when working like the majority of parents, and I'm sure yourself included.

He got just about all of what he was asking and gets to chop almost 500$ off his child support. I could've argued that he owes full table at this arrangement (he does) but I don't want to spend my children's money on court. So I just have to take the deal.
Still some holiday stuff to work out but looks close to settling.
Our family wizard? Yes I have most certainly insisted that in a case like ours it is necessary. I think most people who have been following my case would be able to predict exactly what he said to that. But I'll spell it out for you I case you can't figure it out: he doesn't want to pay for it. Always about the $$$$.
I am insisting it be in the new agreement anyway. We'll see how that goes....

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