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Originally Posted by LovingFather32 View Post

For me, the most evil act in the world is denying access to a child that has half your genetics. Even if you have an agreement for say EOW and midweek access, if you've been there forf years and feel that more access would benefit the kids and the family ... why not? Acces should not be denied when there' no good reason for denying it ... which is why this particular case has turned my stomach.

This isn't a hardened criminal just getting out of prison for manslaughter. This is a loving father who's already there almost 50%. The problem here is that Angie is still pissed about her past relationship with him and simply doesn't get a long with him .. starting thread after thread asking how to disallow him more access to his kids. He's a DAD....he's already in their life a lot ... stop denying him more access .. geez. lol

I know what the problem seems to be here ... but we'll leave it at that before a mob of mom's attack me (DUCK). lol
Just because you scrambled your DNA with someone, doesn't entitle you (or them) to anything. Much less your all-or-nothing 50%

Just because someone isn't Paul Bernardo, doesn't mean they should be denied it either. There are many, many configurations of parenting plans and no family is similar to the other in which one is best for them.

FWIW, shared parenting is defined as minimum of 35% access:Definition of Equally Shared Parenting ? Leading Women for Shared Parenting

(and yes, I'm a member of Leading Women for Shared Parenting although the title is a bit weird- I'm not a leader in anything! We are currently looking to open a Canadian chapter- if interested).
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