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Originally Posted by rockscan View Post
ETA: and before you object LF32, I would point out in your case your ex feels she knows best when in reality you are the one making proper decisions like making sure your child gets to school.
Agreed. In my experience (and many I've read), there's this gender stereotype when parents separate which depicts a caveman male who can not change a diaper, cook a meal or be on time for school. Unfortunately, many mothers are so blinded by these highly subjective gender stereotypes that they can't fathom that their ex "man" could ever possibly take care of a child on their own without master mom's presence. This is 99% why separated couples dont go 50/50. (whether right away or later). One parent wants to make the other fight for equal access to their offspring in court ... like Ange.

You're correct Rock, my ex now "KNOWS" I make good decisions and I've greatly exceeded her blurred vision of my parenting capabilities. Me not just caveman .. me can parent too! If other mom's followed suit (like my ex) and try out 50/50, more situations would end up like mine (give or take .. I know not all situations are the same and that 50/50 isn't for everyone .. but I bet it's for most). My point is .. you can't say you dont like bananas if you have never tried them. You may end up LOVING them.

If more parents stepped out of the damn warzone for a month and gave 50/50 a shot, more parents would discover what my ex did .. that it works so great and so much stress and background noise gets erased. So good for the kids. I wish more ppl would take off the warpaint and try it .. they'd be pleasantly surprised.

It took a 50/50 relationship for my ex to finally realize that I'm a very good parent.

Moving closer to your kids school, having a great family until waiting for him, etc ... isn't disruptive behavior in my books. Ange makes him sound evil. I see past her writing unfortunately. He's not evil .. he just wants an opportunity to be a good, involved dad. It's not all about money .. the guy paid all his back CS. Does he have to be Ange's best friend? Noooo .. and he doesn't have to be. All this talk about bad communication.... has she sent him OFW yet? No? Why?

For me, the most evil act in the world is denying access to a child that has half your genetics. Even if you have an agreement for say EOW and midweek access, if you've been there forf years and feel that more access would benefit the kids and the family ... why not? Acces should not be denied when there' no good reason for denying it ... which is why this particular case has turned my stomach.

This isn't a hardened criminal just getting out of prison for manslaughter. This is a loving father who's already there almost 50%. The problem here is that Angie is still pissed about her past relationship with him and simply doesn't get a long with him .. starting thread after thread asking how to disallow him more access to his kids. He's a DAD....he's already in their life a lot ... stop denying him more access .. geez. lol

I know what the problem seems to be here ... but we'll leave it at that before a mob of mom's attack me (DUCK). lol

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