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Police will only enforce access if the there is a provision in the order that they are to enforce it.

If your parenting time is regularly denied, I'd:

1. send the ex an email asking for make-up time, give them 3 dates to make it up; and should that fail,

2. file for contempt, requesting make-up time and an enforcement clause; and should that fail to maintain your parenting time,

3. file a motion requesting a change in custody.

You will need to show a pattern in the denial of your parenting time. You should journal it and all emails you send requesting make-up time. Ensure all emails are prepared as if you are emailing your boss or your bosses boss, meaning cordial/civil/to the point, no emotional BS.

But if you are sitting there waiting for the courts or police to help you, you will be waiting a long time. The courts can't do anything unless you ask. And the police won't do anything unless the courts instruct them to.
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