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Originally Posted by Dad1985 View Post
I can't help but think that all this money spent could we going toward my daughter.

The courts have not been generous in my fight so far.

The OCL heavily favors Mom with vague recommendations of increases every 6 months.

I don't want to put myself in the position to sign off on soke to mother. I would like to be able to revisit this after some parenting time has been established.

Is there any way to avoid trial and revisit this once time has been established? Once OCL is dated?

Others may be more knowledgeable but I would say no... even trying to wait it out establishes status quo... so by not coming to an agreement the other parent will basically act like they have sole and continue to make decisions. You can disagree as much as you want but as time elapses, if you do nothing to change this (court) status quo will be established and your outcome will be the same.

If you are serious on this matter you need to push towards trial now... not in a couple years. Many, many parents have shared access and joint custody. My niece just turned two and her parents separated almost a year ago... they have done shared since day one and practice joint custody. No official court order or agreements (they were common law so no divorce) they have a kitchen table agreement that they follow.

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