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First CC is this week. Ex's brief was 20 pages long and full of nonsense and lies. Lawyer told us the cc could be 15 minutes or several hours, it all depends on how willing the parties are to settle. Based on this garbage she will be unwilling. So tell me what happens in the cc with one party who ignores the law and agreements? How does the judge handle it? Is it a case of the judge reminds both parties of what is or isnt acceptable and asks if theres a compromise or is it simply a situation where an unreasonable party just says no and its over?

Reading over her brief made us (my partner, the lawyer and I) realize that mediation never would have worked even if she had followed the directions in their agreement and actually said what she wanted to change. Plus she put documentation in her brief that shows how unwilling she was to mediate parenting time several years ago.
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