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Default Next Steps - Trial

Hello everyone

I posted a couple months ago regarding my OCL report. The report favored the mother and recommended sole custody to the mother. for me, 4 hours a week with increases after 6 month periods. The times are to be arranged by a parenting coordinator.

I had my settlement case with Judge Rogers at the Kitchener court house. She endorsed my ex completely and followed with what the OCL recommended. Our settlement offer was more on the aggressive side and could be changed to reflect the OCL report more. unfortunately, The OCL report is vague and the otherside has played on that fact.

My daughter is now 2 years old. My concern now is that i dont feel like i could win in a trial at this point as i have had much against me. I am curious as to what can be recommended as the next step. I would still like to work for shared parenting/equal access time for the future.

Can certain aspects be put on hold till my daughter is a bit older? ie. custody and access

will i be expected to follow through with a final order?

Can i revisit custody when daughter is 5 without prejudice?

Will the OCL report be outdated after a certain period of time?

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