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He may also be doing this just to continue his disruptive behaviour through the decisions. What he fails to realize is that judges/mediators see this every day.

When he sends you these emails/texts you can do one of two things:

1. Ignore the "noise" and respond only to the relevant parts in as little words as possible.

2. Respond by pointing out the disrespectful behaviour and request he resend his communication with the irrelevant info taken out. For instance: thank you for this email however I will not entertain any disrespectful comments or statements that are not pertinent to the children. Please resend your request with the unnecessary abuse taken out.

You could also pay the extra for OFW and then live free of his bs. You cant fix stupid though. We read through the ridiculous crap my partners ex states. Her last brief was full of ridiculous accusations against my partner and his lawyer agreed with me that it was simply "noise".
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