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Originally Posted by Ange71727 View Post
I'm asking about decision making (custody). We've mostly agreed on the access now. There are just so many contentious issues when communicating. I get a lambasting via email or text at least once a week. I just want the very minimum in communication with him. It's affecting my well being. There are also differences in our beliefs on health related issues, education and sports as well as many day to day issues. It's my understanding that parallel parenting would mean very limited interaction with day to day decisions being the responsibility of the "on duty" parent.

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First, look into Gray Rock method of communicating. It's saved my sanity.

Second, I put 'by-when' on most of things that require joint communicaiton and there is generally no response on the other end and I end up making the decision. So for our son's birthday, I sent him an idea and date, and he responded with nothing. I followed up two weeks later with 'I haven't heard from you regarding the birthday so if you don't object I will book everything by Friday. Looking forward to seeing you at Lasertag!'
Spoiler: I booked everything by Friday.

Does that help?
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