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Originally Posted by rockscan View Post
Theres also the difficulty of one parent who feels they know best but in reality only make situations worse. Ange, your ex has shown he is incapable of agreeing and uses it as a tool to spite you. If you have concerns it may be in your best interest to have decision making power for health and schooling.

ETA: and before you object LF32, I would point out in your case your ex feels she knows best when in reality you are the one making proper decisions like making sure your child gets to school.

We may have a deal (its close but I am likely getting screwed on the child support) but if it all goes south and I'm looking at court I am considering this. I am so tired of the harassing emails. So tired of I'm going to disagree with everything you say just because.
If we do reach a deal and write up a new agreement on consent - can I demand that parallel parenting be put into place and our family wizard etc? He doesn't agree to OFW of course because he doesn't want to pay for it; however I think it's imperative in our situation. Is parallel parenting something that only a judge orders you to do?

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