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My daughter successfully completed the 2 year Power Engineering Program in the Spring of 2016 and is a 4th class engineer. She was going to go back for the 3rd in September 2016 but did not have the money for tuition and worked for the year to save and return September 2017 to complete the 3rd year and will be a 3rd class engineer. However, she has accepted a job offer instead and has decided to forego her education. I would rather she finish her education but it comes with benefits and she is off my plan since she was not a student for the past year. So, yes, his unwillingness to support has had significant negative impact on her!
I am with FRO and they have initiated harsh collection action on a couple of occasions in the past. However, he knows how to play the system and instead of making payment arrangements he takes it into court. FRO then ceases harsh collection pending the court hearing, and then he abandons court action mid-stream once he knows he has FRO off his back. I have to defend my position when he takes this action and have spent close to $70,000 in legal fees. Far more than I have ever or will ever hope to see in CS from him.
My daughter did not apply for a student loan as they require financial information about her father which she could not provide. Hence working multiple jobs.
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