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I went back and re-read your original post in light of Orleans lawyers comments.

Your daughter is not going back to school because she has no more money? Does she have her degree?

If your ex has surfaced and is asking for a change to support I would recommend (and Im not a lawyer) that you tell him he needs to address his arrears before you make any decisions.

Here is why: Im assuming your daughter has a student loan which means she has gone into debt for her education. Plus if she hasnt finished her degree she would be using any money from your ex to complete it.

Personally (and again, not a lawyer) your case seems solid in the sense that your ex cant argue against a "winfall" order since the arrears have never been paid. Plus your daughter has been impacted by his refusal to pay and is unable to complete her education as a result.

Out of curiosity, are you with an enforcement agency and what are they doing? Has there been a writ for seizure applied?

Your ex would have to file a motion to discontinue support at which time you could argue that you have not been paid the outstanding arrears and your daughter has had to drop out of school.
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