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Default Thanks you + Clarification

Thanks for the replies Arabian & Tayken.

The irony of this post is that I actually have no idea what condition my ex has for being off work. She has never advised me of any medical condition, the information I have is hearsay from my child. I suspect it's Lupus, but I have no way of knowing. It's possible that it's mental illness or other conditions (she's been off work for mental illness previously)

The disclosure she's provided me to date are.
  • Dr's note from a medical clinic dated last week saying that "she's been off work for 2 years for "Medical Reasons" and not anticipated to go back anytime soon.
  • She has been approved by her medical benefits provider. She has provided proof that she is receiving LTD
  • Financial disclosure (T4, NOA, Tax Returns)

So, the reality is that she's receiving benefits for a "Medical Condition" but obviously makes less as a result. She is just refusing to give me any disclosure and expects me to top up.

I guess the main question is. If she receives LTD from an insurance provider, does that automatically satisfy the courts and absolved the person from disclosing information? My other concern is that this might affect her ability to provide care for the child.... there must be a reason that they are refusing to disclose.

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