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why are they useless? How else would you show what you earned?
The notice of assessment shows income declared, however it is possible to subsume regular income in expense deductions. These expense deductions may be the usual tax-evasion of the self-employed (claim higher % of vehicle expense is for work, personal meals as business entertainment, etc) or they could be legitimate expenses for CRA that do not apply for child support.

If someone has a business with a gross revenue of $300k, with expenses of $100k to salaries, $50k to office expenses, $50k to entertainment, and $50k to advertising, their NOA will show an income of $50k less personal deductions (employer's side of CPP, RRSP deposits, etc).

However, if you are the support recipient, you may be more interested in the $50k of entertainment and $50k of advertising. Is their personal vehicle a 100% advertisement cost because it has a bumper sticker? Do they stick every personal purchase (food, alcohol, restaurants, netflix...) under entertainment? By only looking at the NoA you lose the opportunity to double check their deductions.
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