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Every situation is supposed to be weighed on its own facts and then compared to previous cases (case law).

You might find it interesting to read older case law (from 40 years ago). My "take" on it is that whomever got the kids got the house/whomever got the house got the kids.... and with it came $. Most women 40+ years ago (and many today) could not possibly come close to the earning capacity of their ex's. So naturally courts set up parameters to ensure that women and children were not "left at the curb" when husband decided it was time for a new model. I don't think that is unfair whatsoever. Call me a feminist (or whatever) but you have to realize that gone are the days when women have to live in silent servitude. You should hope the same for your daughters.

EVERYONE pays for consequences of failed marriage.

Alas "contract" law doesn't always protect one nowadays (as I found out). I was a full partner with my ex. When our marriage ended I was left liable for 100% of the business debt. Had I not been married to my partner I would have had recourse. Unfortunately for me (but bonus for my cheating ex) Family Law overrode contract law and I was unable to pursue my ex for the money I was defrauded. BTW I am female and while I am entitled to indefinite SS (yes even after he is collecting a pension) I will never recover financially from my losses from our business relationship.
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