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He worked for nearly the whole duration of the marriage. Yes, there were bouts of unemployment, due to the nature of his contract work, but on the whole, there was clearly never an expectation that he should be a stay-at-home supportive partner sacrificing a career to help you advance yours. Now, he gets his income from his disability insurance, which he sensibly signed up for many years ago. That's what it is designed for. It's his income substitution due to his injury preventing him from working. Presumably he had the right amount of insurance to provide a comparable income to what he once earned.

I don't see how he could be entitled to additional income substitution from you, unless you make significantly more money than he does, which from your description, it doesn't sound like you do.

So he's coming to ask for SS now? After successfully supporting himself with the disability payments for two years, proving that he doesn't need it?
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