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Default Update and additional advice sought...

I finally received some disclosure from my ex. A couple of things however.
  • My ex has never told me what her "medical condition" is.
  • The disclosure she's provided me is a generic medical note for a clinic that states "For medical reasons, the patient has not worked since 2015. It is not expected for her to work in the near future".
  • She is asking me for retro-active child support for January 2017, even though she's only approached me in March and gave me disclosure in August.

In your opinion, is the medical note sufficient? Am I entitled to know what her condition is?

I'm not medical doctor, but my ex is taking extended vacation and traveling for a family vacation and seems to be able to operate a vehicle for 10+ hours. She attends every school / medical event for our child and seems to be travel down south for vacations. It's just fishy that she can't work at a desk job.

Thanks for the input.
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