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I assume you have a lawyer and discussed this? I agree with you. Spousal should never be paid. Their is NEVER an ethical reason to provide spousal support. Unless you locked him in the basement and never allowed him to better his life. But that would be illegal and Spousal support is law. Spousal support was lobbied by a strong feminist movement to empower women leaving a marriage. However, today there are more women earning more than their ex-spouse.

If you don't have a lawyer, get one. Ask him to negotiate spousal IF it is decided you must pay it. Does you ex have health insurance? If you never get divorced and remain separated, your gov job med insurance would keep him covered. So use that as leverage if you don't mind staying in the separation zone. And it sounds like he needs med this could help reduce your cash payout.

And don't let anyone tell you, "Spousal is a write off anyway...". Yes it is...but you worked for that money, not your ex.
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