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LOL Marriage today a "contract" .....??? At first I was thinking, "No way its not a contract!! My ex broke the contract, terminated the contract and received a win fall for breaking the contract". Historically, standard business contracts require 2 or more parties to agree to a set of terms and sign a document which becomes legally binding. If one of the parties broke any of the terms of that contract, that same party would be liable for any damages, let alone entitled to any settlement funds. In my view this is ethical.

Marriage did start out in the same way, with "Fault Divorce". When one spouse was caught either having an affair, committing a crime, was abusive etc... that spouse would not be entitled to specific luxuries such as spousal support, 50% of the property value, custody of children, retirement savings etc....depending on how the "contract" was broken. In my view this is ethical. Two people made a contract, agreed on that contract and should honor that contract. You break loose your side of the investment. Cost of doing business.

However, today we have the lovely "No Fault Divorce"; brought in first in the great state of California. The one state with the highest number of affairs per capita, as well as breast implants. I can see why they instated it. It changed the rules of marriage completely. For the first time ever, those that want to be deceitful, harmful and corrupt may do so with no penalty, no financial loss and no shame. Easy out. I'll let you guys research the percentage of politicians who have cheated on their spouse. THEN you add in the Feminists. What better way to empower a women than allow her to just get up and walk out of a marriage without any financial loss than to instate "No fault divorce". No commitments ever!! And today, 69% of divorces are initiated by women. Go women!!!

My lovely ex wife cheated on me. I forgave her. My lovely ex wife cheated on me a second time. I forgave her. My lovely ex wife cheated on me a third time. I did not know about it. My lovely ex wife beat me. I forgave her. My lovely ex wife cheated on me a forth time and left me. Why did I stay with her? Many good friends of mine that have been through it already said....its cheaper to save the marriage than it is to divorce. Their right. Divorce cost me 50% of my kids, 55% my salary, 100% my net worth and 10% my retirement. I never broke the contract; but yet I lost. She had full control over if we divorced or not with no penalties toward her. My lovely ex wife, gets a grossed up salary of approx $70-80K from what I give her and the Trudeau Baby Benefit. Why would she try to save a marriage? She won the lottery!!!!!!!! complete my rant; yes marriage is still a contract. Just the rules are not defined as one would assume in a standard business contract. Which is maybe why so many young people still sign the dotted line, they are assuming its a equal contract, like I did. Today the marriage contract holds zero benefit for anyone employed and earning a good salary. Why would anyone sign a contract so one sided in a business deal? You think Bill Gates would sign a contract with his business partners that state they can walk away with 50% his company, when ever they feel like it? Ya right!

Marriage - Yes its a contract. Not a good one, actually a really bad one. "depending on your income of course "
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