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Unhappy Help - Spousal Support

Long story, I'll keep it as short as possible. Married for 21 years, separation date of Aug '15.
I held permanent gov job the entire marriage. My husband had contracts, permanent job by 1999 and, in 2005, once we had a 5 and 8 year old, decided he didn't like his job so he asked for buyout, told me about it after the fact. Felt he needed a break so waited about 4 months before looking for new job and then it took him 7 months to find one . He started contracting so from 2006 - 2014 held various contracts with 3 long bouts of unemployment, 6 - 10 months. When working he made good money. Even when he was unemployed, I was the constant caregiver for kids, took care of cooking, cleaning husband also liked to do adventure trips and was into extreme sports. Up until that time, we led pretty much parallel lives and avoided the situation. We both weren't happy with marriage but it was easier to stay and we still managed to provide a stable home for our 2 kids. They had all they needed, played competitive sports, generally happy kids. in 2014, my husband was involved in a serious accident while doing an extreme sport, landed him in the hospital for 4 months, suffered a traumatic brain injury as well as very severe physical injuries. Following accident, it was impossible to live with him, brain injury caused him alot of anger became very verbally abusive. Thankfully, he took out a private disability policy when he started his company in 2006 so he now gets approximately $3700 a month tax free from this policy. His rent is $800 a month.
I've kept house, kids live with me 100% of the time, one in full time university. I have been full time mother to 2 emotional teenage girls for past 3 years, I feel that in itself deserves compensation. House is still in both our names but I've made all payments associated to it since he moved out and it's not a big house. I've also been paying everything associated with the kids, he has contributed nothing.
We've provided financial statements, I'm barely keeping afloat. I can accept that I will have to buy him out of the house, I can accept that I will have to pay him a third of my pension (he has RRSPs) but I cannot accept that I will have to pay him spousal support for an indeterminate amount of time. For timebeing, spousal and child will offset eachother but once kids are gone, I will have to pay him over $1000 a month.
Sorry for my long story, thank you for reading it, if anyone can provide me any insight on the spousal issue, that would be very much appreciated.
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