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The last visit the CAS made not of whether I had fruit on the counter.
CAS wouldn't bother with this. The child isn't at any risk of harm. I'm confused.

Furthermore, I sense that you may be exaggerating the "he makes 2 CAS complaints/week" piece. CAS would never tolerate such nonsense and he would have either been heavily warned or found guilty of fraudulent reporting.

Please don't confuse a pesty ex with abuse. The two are markedly different and I would caution you on making a report unless you go in with solid evidence of the alleged abuse.

You talk about bruises. If he's been physical arn't you fearful that he may express this anger on the kids? I'm confused why you allowed (or are allowing) 50/50 access? Also, does he have a CAS/police record? Bruises are police calls .. formal complaints about Dr's and texts are not. The more police involvement the worse for the kids. But by all means, if true abuse is occurring, dont hesitate.

Send an e-mail and pretend it's an exhibit "Just as a reminder, the order by Justice ___, on the date of ___, on pg ; para. _____, it states that we are only to communicate once per week, unless joey falls off a cliff, etc. I think this is a phenomenal arrangement and would like to obey the order. I don't like texting because it hurts my eyes. E-mails are fine".

Phones now have an option to block incoming texts from specific contacts. They are sent to another folder in most cases. BLOCK him. If there's an emergency he can call you. If you don't want to block his texts .. just don't look and don't reply. He'll call if it's extremely important.

One site will have the cure.

Just buy both copies and send him one. Pay the subscriptions.

Wish you the best
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