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Originally Posted by Pursuinghappiness View Post
But what if the actual marriage dies...does that count?

Marriages are contracts. If a person doesn't meet the basic contractual obligations, you should absolutely have the right to walk away.

Or run away screaming, in my case....

I must say though, being married for the 2nd time is beyond awesome. Its nice now understanding what marriage is supposed to be.

Lol PH. The death of the marriage should absolutely count!
You're right - he broke a contract so I was entitled to run screaming......which I did. The loyalty in me had a hard time with it even though he had been about as disloyal as they come. But that just took some time to come to terms with.
I'm happy you have found out what marriage truly should look like the second time around. I have too and I agree it's awesome to finally be at that place.

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