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Default Form 17A Help For CC #3 Request.

Hi folks. I am in the process of preparing my next for 17A for CC #3 which I will need to serve my ex within this week, for which I request some assistance from the knowledgeable amongst you. In doing so, I am trying to fill the form out with the best possible, fair and reasonable offer I can think of in mind, that best achieves requiring minimal to no interaction with my ex, along with making the transition to CS termination a smooth one requiring no further motions. Those of you unfamiliar with my situation, please read here:

For question #11, What are the issues for this case conference? What are the important facts for this case conference?, I'm pretty sure it's fairly straightforward what to provide here. My only question being, should I reference anything that was discussed verbally during CC #1 and CC #2? For example, during CC #1 the judge did nicely remind my ex that child support is supposed to cover the majority of the expenses she's asking for, NOT to supplement all those other ridiculous expenses in conjunction with the child support. During CC #2, she was evasive and resistant about being agreeable to provide past report card, performance and attendance information for my son. Should either of these two points be mentioned in question #11?

Moving onto questions #12 and #13, What is your proposal to resolve these issues? and Do you want the court to make a temporary or final order at the case conference about any of these issues?
To me, it sounds like they are both essentially the same question. With that in mind, here are the things I'm seeking as my ultimate goal for the outcome of this process:

-I would like the court to order my ex and son disclose ALL details of the OSAP application, as it becomes available every year. The purpose of this, is for me to ensure that whatever OSAP deems my son to be eligible for, that ex does not try to "double dip" me for expenses. And that any funds over and above the child support I am deemed by the court to be my responsibility to be directed to the learning institution directly or my son, NOT to ex. I don't trust her any further than I'm capable of throwing her!! This will ensure that funds will be utilized for its intended purposes, NOT to privilege HER lifestyle.

-I do not have a problem with paying full table CS for the next three years, so long as my son IS enrolled into the college program he is supposedly interested in. And so long as he is putting forth a concerted effort into completing the program, I have no issues whatsoever. Assuming he completes the program on schedule, he will be 23 by the time he completes it.

-the current temporary order in place stipulates that my ex and I exchange NOAs at the July of every year. I understand needing to know the income of my previous year, so as to update the CS amount to the correct amount, but why would I need her financial information? I would also prefer being ordered to provide this information to the FRO only, as well as ensure that the FRO will honor the updated CS amounts every July, commensurate to my line 150 income of the year previous, EVEN IF IT HAS DECREASED.

-I would also like the court to impose that my son shall be ordered to provide every report to myself and the FRO as it becomes available, failing which there will be consequences. To that point, I would also like a stipulation that if he drops out, or is expelled, that he be required to notify me and the FRO of this, and that CS terminates immediately, should this be the case. I would most definitely like it to be stipulated that if either of the above occurs, and the ex is not agreeable to CS stoppage, that she will be responsible for any costs I incur to having to bring forth yet another motion for it to stop. Similarly, I would like it stipulated same to the FRO if they continue enforcement when it should be stopped.

-I can't think of any other conditions I would like at the moment, other than the usual, if the "child" dies, stops residing with mom etc. etc.

Those of you knowledgeable, I would appreciate if you could find any cases and reword all of what I've requested above, into a Judge's actual wording on some existing orders (so and so shall blah blah blah....).

I welcome any and all comments. You may PM me if you don't feel comfortable posting any of your answers publically. Thanks all.
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