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Keeping on topic is so important around here. Like I said, background noise like S&T just like to stir the pot, desperate for reactions to pleasure their evening somehow. Notice the past few posters have given no advice their past few posts. Just clouding up your thread.

This is analogous to the situation with your ex. Sounds like he likes to stir the pot. Remain calm, resolution-focused and amicable. Let him dig his own hole if he wants to be uncooperative and a pesty co-parent. There are battles and their are wars. You want to win the war. Document, observe and document some more .. then you'll have your day in court. Keep dishing out offers to settle, mediation, etc. You're on he right track there.

Reading through the thread, I think you've demonstrated a willingness to settle this out of court. Even through the fog of hard feelings I can sense that you feel he isn't a terrible parent, but certainly a terrible partner and co-parent so far.

I provided you with Form 8, an article on starting an application and some other stuff (Guess I did more than fact I'm not sure I even ranted .. ah well).
You'll need to fill out a 35.1 for custody access, a financial statement and a bunch of other fun stuff.

You'll pull through, keep your head up

I commend you for posting on this thread that you are willing to discuss the possibility of 50/50 if he'd just get off his high horse and sit down to go over some issues. This guy's crazy for not doing that. Good on you though, you're being amicable and cooperative....judges like that.

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