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Originally Posted by Berner_Faith View Post
I agree with this... a private message should stay private. I'm happy to hear she is considering 50-50 but unless she agrees for you to disclose what was in the PM I think the fact you did was very rude and inconsiderate. I can only assume she didn't want to disclose everything on the general forum because if she did she would have posted it herself, rather than PMing you.

I hope the OP isn't offended by your actions and continues to use this forum to learn

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Hey Berner and S&T .. relax. She already told us on this thread that she was willing to discuss 50/50 stuff if the guy would just agree to sit in mediation. Read the thread. Lol...oh gawd..the drama you try to create. :-)

The OP can tell you herself that her PM contained more sensitive stuff that of course I didn't mention here. The only stuff I mentioned she already put on this thread (permalink 22). So what the HECK are you two chirping about?

Strike 2 for you trying to make me look bad on these forums the past few days S&T. Your attempts are failing hardcore lately. Perhaps you should just give up and stalk somebody else for a while.

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