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Originally Posted by LovingFather32 View Post
Rioe .. I dont believe she's trynig to work out a 50/50 regime at all. She says that he has parenting issues and that she needs to provide "security" to her kids and protect them. That doesnt sound like willingness to work out 50/50 does it?

Dictator? Hmm .. I wonder if my ex labelled me that for wanting an equal relationship with D6? When a parent is denied an equal relationship..there is a dictator in the equation alright lol.

Please .. the guy wants to see his kids on an equal basis. She's saying "no" so he's taking it into his own hands. A bully because he want to see his kids equally? Gahh

If she does this she rocks .. she made the right move and I commend her. If he refuses he deserves any crap he gets. She wont do this though...guaranteed.

Likewise, I'm sure he will have a pile of denials, forcing him to keep the kids a bit longer than she ordered him to. I wonder what the judge will say about her allowing every other weekend, midweek, long week stays while shes at work ... but not 50/50. Another case that makes zero sense to me. No 50/50 because man = bully. But man is not the one denying an equal relationship. If he were he'd be burned at the stake by every single poster here.
I'm not reading it as her refusing to give him the kids (though she said she was considering it which we've pointed out is wrong), or refusing to cooperate with 50-50, but simply her frustration at him not arranging a day for her to get them back! He didn't seem to be saying "I want them for a week then you get them for a week, or I want 50-50 on this schedule so I'll return them on X day," but simply "I'm taking them now, and not telling you when you'll get them back."

That he leaves them with his parents a lot, refuses to bring them to their activities and doesn't feed one kid a medically-required special diet are other issues not related to access time.
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