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Originally Posted by Rioe View Post
It doesn't sound to me like she's trying to deny 50-50. It sounds like she wants to work together with him to figure out a 50-50 schedule that works for both parents and the children's schedule, and he's refusing to do anything but dictate the schedule he wants, and then not deal with the children's regular activities whatsoever. He won't even tell her what day he intends his access to be over.
Is that the case? I'm not really clear as she won't answer me.

Lola .. would you be open to discussing 50/50 if he sat in mediation and tried to settle amicably? Or are you dead set against 50/50 as you say he's trying to force it.

Rioe .. I dont believe she's trynig to work out a 50/50 regime at all. She says that he has parenting issues and that she needs to provide "security" to her kids and protect them. That doesnt sound like willingness to work out 50/50 does it?

I inferred that the reasons for the split probably had something to do with him being such a dictator, which he is continuing to do.
Dictator? Hmm .. I wonder if my ex labelled me that for wanting an equal relationship with D6? When a parent is denied an equal relationship..there is a dictator in the equation alright lol.

but his tactic is apparently to bully her into meekly submitting to his demands (as he may have trained her to do during the marriage).
Please .. the guy wants to see his kids on an equal basis. She's saying "no" so he's taking it into his own hands. A bully because he want to see his kids equally? Gahh

If he won't sit down with her, she can send offers to settle with a suggested 50-50 schedule.
If she does this she rocks .. she made the right move and I commend her. If he refuses he deserves any crap he gets. She wont do this though...guaranteed.

So she needs to not submit, stand up for herself, and be reasonable and calm in response to his bullying, keep a journal of all his unreasonable incidents of lack of cooperation, and go into court armed with this record.
Likewise, I'm sure he will have a pile of denials, forcing him to keep the kids a bit longer than she ordered him to. I wonder what the judge will say about her allowing every other weekend, midweek, long week stays while shes at work ... but not 50/50. Another case that makes zero sense to me. No 50/50 because man = bully. But man is not the one denying an equal relationship. If he were he'd be burned at the stake by every single poster here.
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