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I think that you need a solid agreement put in writing with enforcement clauses so the two of you can start having consequences for fighting over 50/50 vs no 50/50.

I think somebody said above .. he's actually entitled equal access right now with no formal agreement. There was a brief pause right after separation to let things cool down, but he's been fighting for 50/50 for a while it sound like. You're actually in the wrong for denying him that...unless you have "in writing" that he doesnt want 50/50...but doesnt sound like you do.

For communication, I would recommend It's a great service.

Whatever you do, I wouldn't go to court saying things like, he's not good at feeding, he has parenting issues, I dont like how he spends his money, I cant let him have 50/50 until we talk about why he left, etc.

Where's the "he's an alcoholic who drives under the influence? "He has a cocaine problem". "He hits the kids and calls them names". "He slaps me in the face". These are reasons to deny equal parenting. Your reasons arn't very good so far.

Judges will conclude that you're grasping for straws and denying an equal relationship as revenge for leaving.

You haven't answered many of my q's .. not sure why?

What if he agreed to sit and discuss why he left? Would you consider 50/50?
What if you said you would discuss the possibility of 50/50 if he attended mediation? Have you done this?

If it's just that you dont want him to be an equal parenting, then I smell a long, bloody battle ahead. Sad really because it seems like he's a good parent, just not very good chemistry with you...which is pretty normal actually after breakups.

You want him to adhere to everything you want .. but wont consider what he wants...which just seems to be an equal relationship with his kids. For some reason, some parents take huge issue with that when they shouldn't.

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