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Originally Posted by rockscan View Post
Perhaps what might help mediation move forward positively is to think of what could be agreed to taking into account BOTH parties desires. It sounds like hes unhappy that he cant share physical custody of the kids. Perhaps you could look at what he wants and what you are willing to try/live with.

Remember that some hostility comes from a sense of frustration that someone else's views arent being considered. Just because he lives with his parents or out of the school district doesnt make him a bad parent. You dont know what he would be like if he was given the opportunity to have his children half the time.

Keep in mind they are equally his children too and keeping them with him is a very strong message to you that you cannot dictate the terms of parenting. You can either come to this conclusion yourself for free or spend tens of thousands for a judge to tell you this.
Frustration is one thing, but we had a schedule that he requested. Later he wrote saying that he would like to work towards 50/50. I said ok but I could only agree to do so if we can sit down and talk as there are reasons we split and took off.

This is a guy who dangerously destroyed the circuit breakers in our house with the kids in it when he left, requiring an electrician to reconnect it. He is prone to anger, called me the C word in front of the kids and frequently spent his income before contributing the household.

He has proven that he cannot be trusted to keep his word. We separated to protect the kids. I owe it to them to provide security going forward.
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