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Thanks for your feedback everyone, it has been very helpful. Thus far, he is the only one who has withheld access when he refused to return one child who had commitments (he was to enjoy the week with the younger one while I took care of routine with the oldest). He did not take the eldest to his camp or respond to my messages when I went to pick him up. Therefore, there is no reason to believe that the kids will be taken to their commitments if they are with him.

In this situation, I have asked clearly for a guaranteed return date only (5 times now). I have always provided one to him and he will not do so, only give a pick up time. I am just asking for equal treatment.

No abuse although I have laid out clear and relevant parenting issues (not to be spoken of here) and he won't address them. Only provides vague and unsubstantiated threats that he can provide his own against me.

As for summer sharing, it makes a lot of sense, but he refuses to talk about changes to the mutually agreed upon sharing, a schedule he himself proposed. If he were willing to sit down and talk in mediation or even just send a letter that has clear requests I would be more than happy to do so, but he just makes demands without room for negotiation. For example, as he left the matrimonial home, he asked to collect his things a long time ago. I agreed quickly but he never came (except to sneak in and take any cash or jewelry of value). Now he demands an inventory of the items in the house even though he still has full access to the home. He asks for his mail when he picks up the kids but speeds off before I can give it to him. We have a shed out back that is padlocked and he has the only key. He wants fairness but won't provide any in return.

So far he has never kept his word on anything, even changing pick up days, and I have been fully accommodating. I am not a vindictive person by nature and my lawyer truly is working to get us into mediation. I hate having to go this route but he bullied me in our marriage and I cannot allow him to do so in separation.
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