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He also refused to see the kids for several weeks, finally saying I should keep the house and kids and tell the kids he is dead.
Not nice, but just pure, exaggerated emotion. Separations are hard and emotions run wild.
He is with his parents far from the kids' school and daycare so my having them made the most practical sense.
If it's transportation you're worried about does he or his parents drive? My child attends school in my ex's end of town and I have 50/50. Or what if he decides to move closer. Then would 50/50 be an option?

The schedule was working well and he has had them for weeks when I had a work trip or the daycare was closed (his parents looked after the kids, not him)
How does he not see his kids when they're with his parents and he lives with his parents? They're in the same house. It seems that you're comfortable leaving the kids with him and his parents for long periods of time, kudos to you ..that's good. Trust is very important.
Two weeks ago he refused to return the kids after his weekend and also would not return my messages. During the week he did not bring B5 to his day camp or follow his diet needs which causes issues and pain.
Remind him (another letter perhaps) that he can not try to institute 50/50 by himself. You both need to go hash it out in court or come to an agreement. I'll tell you right now, many fathers fight very hard for equal access in court so you should get up to date on court procedures and get to the bank because it's not going to be cheap, unless you qualify for Legal Aid.

I'd refrain from bringing up the poor diet stuff. Sounds like fluff, unless he's force feeding crayfish to a child with shellfish allergies or shoving peanuts up a nut allergy nose.

But my advice (not legal, but useful), don't listen to your lawyer, he wants war because for him war = $$.

Denial of access in the absence of any child abuse, drugs, harm, etc is .. dont get me started.

Send a letter like the one I posted above, and if he doesn't return them, take action, bringing along a printout that shows he read the e-mail. If it gets out of hand, go for an emergency motion. But it sounds like he always returns .. he's just unilaterally creating a 50/50 regime.

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