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This is the Form

So the issue is you're threatening to withhold the child from the father if he can not produce a return date? I understand this stance if he's threatened to abduct the child or you feel the child is at risk of harm in any way, which I doubt as you've allowed generous access. Don't get me wrong, I agree it seems like a douchy move to not give a return date...he's pissed you wont allow him an equal relationship with his kiddos.

In my opinion, I wouldn't withhold the children because of that reason (no return date). Instead I would put in writing something like:

"In the future I would request that we have pick up/drop off dates and times identified before our exchanges as it is more manageable for everybody and it facilitates the stability and predictability that is so important for our kidlet.

Since you haven't responded to my request regarding a return date/time, we will stick to our regular schedule until we have had a chance to mediate and/or figure things out.

Please note that if you do not return our kidlet by this date/time, it will be considered withholding the child from me and I will act accordingly."

If I haven't received a response to this by ____, I will assume you agree to it.
You send that with a "" to have proof he read it.

Also, sorry if I missed it, does he have a record or history of child abuse?
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