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Originally Posted by Rioe View Post
Make a reasonable offer to settle, then start the court process. You can't mediate with someone using that sort of tactic (denying access and not paying CS). However, make it clear that you are willing to negotiate through mediation, and that you will ask him to pay your court costs.

But you can't resort to that sort of unreasonable tactic yourself in response, or you'll look just as bad as him to a judge. Keep a journal of everything unreasonable he does, and get to court. You'll waste more money trying to make him be reasonable in mediation and conferences if you don't push for court right away. Call his bluff.
Thanks, I'm hoping to get an offer out to him next week but for this weekend I just need to ensure that we have an agreed upon return date and time. He keeps agreeing to the pickup by him but not the return to me.

Unfortunately my lawyer has been on vacation through most of this and only available intermittently.

We're working with a status quo schedule that we had agreed to via email but he is trying to force me to move to 50/50 without my agreement. I have provided specific reasons why I disagree with the change. Worst case scenario he could request the police to intervene on the expected date of handoff which would not be good for the kids but I have backup for my requests for assurances.
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