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Originally Posted by Going to Jail View Post
If you are in Ontario, I suggest you open a case with the FRO immediately.

They will take several enforcement actions to get you the child support and spousal support you deserve.

They can take away his driver's licence, garnishee his pay, cancel his passport , and obtain a writ of seizure on any property. They can also report him to the credit bureau, post his photo on the FRO website, and bring him to court for a default hearing. Also, the FRO can get a warrant of committal ( send him to jail up to 180 days) if he doesn't comply with a temporary default order.

You don't have to do any of this yourself, you can relax and leave it to the FRO. You can also deny access to the kids without blame. No worries.

Also, the Court will Order him to pay all legal costs, yours and his, if he doesn't cooperate fully with the divorce process, which may take several years to sort.

You're holding all the cards here. Good Luck.

It doesnt sound like they have an agreement or order which FRO would need.

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