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Originally Posted by Rioe View Post
He does not sound like the kind of guy mediation would be successful with in any shape or form. Both people really need to both want to come to an agreement and be able to cooperate. Why is your lawyer not suggesting you go right to court?

I would not keep the kids from him. Just document and journal every time he does not return them as agreed upon. That way he's clearly the one being unreasonable when you are showing the judge what's been going on.
Thank you. The issue is that he has refused to provide a return date (only a pick up date). That is what we are asking for before the kids are released into his care. If he can give me that, I will be happy to honour our agreement.

As for court, to save costs we'd like to try mediation first. He has not provided any reason why he won't go that route. We offered shuttle mediation which might be more attractive to him. The costs are huge for court and it would be ideal to avoid that.
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