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Default Mediation with a hostile partner

Hello, this is my first post on this site and appreciate any help I can get.

My spouse and I separated three months ago. It was a heated event after a long struggle and he disconnected the power from our house in the middle of the night before he left (with the kids and I in it). He also refused to see the kids for several weeks, finally saying I should keep the house and kids and tell the kids he is dead.

My lawyer and I both have asked many times to mediate but he refuses.

Finally he calmed down and we were working with an every other weekend/one night a week schedule. He is with his parents far from the kids' school and daycare so my having them made the most practical sense.

Recently, he has tried to force me to change to a 50/50 schedule but still refuses to mediate and get a legal agreement. The schedule was working well and he has had them for weeks when I had a work trip or the daycare was closed (his parents looked after the kids, not him). I have thus far provided the stable environment and he stopped providing any child support in June.

Two weeks ago he refused to return the kids after his weekend and also would not return my messages. During the week he did not bring B5 to his day camp or follow his diet needs which causes issues and pain.

Now, my lawyer and I are still trying to get him to mediation and also trying to get him to agree to a set return date after this weekend (Monday). Otherwise I will have to refuse to release the kids to his care because he is not providing security. I hate to do this but he is not giving me another choice.

Has anyone here got any suggestions or experience trying to get a hostile ex to be reasonable and mediate? We're just trying to get something down for the security of the kids.
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