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Its also important to remember the bottom line that judges use facts and evidence. They dont care what happened three years ago on the anniversary of the time a bird flew by your house. They want the facts. You have x instances where you were denied access and the dates are in the attached chart. Your income was x dollars equaling x child support but you paid more or less and the total owing is y.

As OL said, there is a set way of operating in court and lawyer go to school for several years and then "apprentice" under another lawyer to learn these rules. Good lawyers have experience and follow the rules. Many self reps are buoyed by emotion and upset over the situation. You have to set emotion aside and go on fact. If you have good facts and good evidence it should be in your materials (short and sweet) and you speak to that. Unless your case is complex (see WorkingDad), you should be able to meet the timelines the court sets out.
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