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trinton has a little shameless behaviour in the past

Originally Posted by arabian View Post
Again, bad advice but I'm not surprised. Yes Trinton you would indeed file a complaint without any information or corroborating facts... but then I see you're now an expert on social workers.
Just to be clear, no one is giving any legal advise. I'm not and your most certainly not a lawyer who is authorised to provide legal advice. Logistics aside, what do you mean without information or corroborating facts? he's given you the information and the facts. Nobody said I'm an expert on social workers. I said I don't think. I never said you can't. Big difference. There is dictionary available to you on google.

Only a judge can be unfair and get away with it because they are the boss right? You have every right to complain when somebody does something wrong, and to their supervisors when they are not doing their job. Didn't you read the case that was posted here ( By ai believe Tayken) where the mom complained about OCL worker that was rigging up the case against the mom and OCL assigned a different person to the case as a result? Which led to a report in moms favour? LF32 asked about suing the OCL and I shared my opinion that I would just file a complain if I was going to do that, but would call CAS first to see what could be done.

There is no issue with filing complaints when people are screwing things up, especially when there is no issue with calling the police or running to a women's shelter when you got complaints about your husband.
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