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Originally Posted by arabian View Post
I would also add that Orleans Lawyer is, in fact, a real lawyer. He has offered his sage advice.

Written submissions/factums are extremely important. Too often, however, people make the mistake of not submitting concise documents and can also ramble on and on with irrelevant and yes, very boring, information.
How is he in fact a lawyer? Where is the evidence ? How did you form that so called fact? Regardless, lawyers and judges are always right and paralegals and self represented litigants are always wrong, right?

Yes, factums are important indeed. But so are oral arguments made in court based on any questions or other arguments or allegations/statements that may come up during the motion. Otherwise, then why do we even attend and speak and why not just email our factum to the judge to read and make a decision? Why do we conduct job interviews in person / phone and why not just make a decision merely based on the resumes / written material ?

And I am sure judges may often hear the same things over and over and over again, and find them boring, and would rather hear something they haven't heard before. But that doesn't give them any right to cut people off during their submissions because the judge failed to properly manage the motion and conduct it fairly, i.e., shortening the motion by one hour and giving one party the majority of the time to speak realizing the other side won't have enough time to speak. They have a duty to listen to you and hear what you have to say. Again, I don't see any indication from OP that they were ranting on and on about irrelevant information. Actually, based on a previous post of yours in another thread, you had mentioned that we presume what posters say to be true, and give advise based on that. But as stated, I am not surprised due to your perceptions that lawyers and judges are always right, and that people who don't get time to finish their submissions are being irrelevant, and that people who go to court are going their because of money.

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