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Default Coming back to haunt me

Hello fellow ODF'ers. I hope all is well with all of you. I haven't been on much lately but something happened recently and I felt the need to post.

This summer I decided to pick up some more work to help add more cashola to D6's savings account. I've worked in group homes for many years and this particular organization sparked my interest. (Those who know me know that I have an innate passion for working with the developmentally delayed population).

Anyways, I went and submitted my bloodwork, my vulnerable sector check (which obviously had nothing wrong with it, etc. I also signed a level 1 CAS check.

I received a call today saying that there was a flag by my name from the CAS check, that I had to go sign for the next, more in-depth check. The dates matched the ones when OCL and my ex teamed up on me. If you all remember, I gave my daughter a bath because she was dirty, sweaty and .. well .. asked for one. (I had given my daughters baths 2-3 times/week prior to her being abducted). Long story short, my access was taken away as OCL called CAS saying that my daughter spoke of a "shark" in the water (later I showed the CAS worker the actual toy shark that we've had for years that she played with in the bath.

Long story short, the police refused to even investigate since it was a high conflict case and no evidence and CAS cleared my name after a thorough investigation with me and D6.

I'll never forget my motion judge .. I loved him. He said he found it absolutely ludicrous that these allegations were made and that he himself bathes his daughters. Yes OCL loony .. men bathe their daughters too. When I received the call all of that trauma flooded back. My heart was in my throat and I felt like I was going to vomit.

I know my subsequent step is to contact CAS and see how I can get this ridiculous flag lifted. I will also bring in the letter I still have of CAS closing the file. But what about this father-hating OCL lady. Do they really get away with this stuff scott free? Is it really going to affect my employment and earning capacity? I would love to see her sued.

Sorry, kind of a rant while also seeking advice.

I hope everyone's summer is going great.

LF32 (36 now .. geez)

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