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arabian will become famous soon enough

Wah wah wah.

I will repeat - judge is the "boss" of the courtroom and he/she alone decides what is "fair" and "not fair."

My boss is highly-regarded in his field/medical expertise (one of 14 in Canada). He employs people who do not require hand-holding and who can make decisions independently.

Questioning my "motives for being on this site" ??? I simply believe in giving back some of the valuable experience I have gained through the 7 years I spent in litigation with my ex. Of course Family Court revolves around money. In your situation access = money does it not?

So you think a judge is unfair? Tough titty. You have to take the good with the bad. Unless a judge errors in law you have absolutely no recourse. Crying and babbling over how unfair one thinks a judge is will get you nowhere. Option is to do what many people do is put big money on the table and hire a lawyer. Then you can spend $500.00+ an hour crying to the lawyer.
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