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Originally Posted by arabian View Post
Ex has taken me to court 8+times - unsuccessfully. My opinion is based on observations of ..

Judges are very busy with MANY files. They are acutely aware of time constraints and, in fairness to other people who have matters to be decided, they have to curtail nonsensical, time-consuming, repetitive arguments by high-conflict litigants (something they are quite adept at I might add).

I speak with my boss 1 - 2 times/year. I work and he pays me. Yes, it is a two-way street.... not sure what my boss has to do with this LOL.
Your boss doesn't have much to do with it. You're the one that brought up the word boss and related the word boss to a judge. I was quite frankly comparing the scenario to a nornal relationship that you wouod have with a boss. However, in your case and apparantly with your preception of a boss, it seems he/she just tells you what to do and you do it. Desn't sound like you are actively involved in discussions about things and are just told what to do. Doesn't seem like a 2 way street at all. Why would i even be surprised an idiom about communications and accountability gets precieved that way and into the topic of money. At least I know what is your priority in life and brings in to question your motives to be on this site given you've been to court with your ex 8+ times, more likely than not, about money. Yes arabian.. everything in life is about money.

Anyway, Not everyone is your ex that makes irrelevant arguments. Doesn't seem that was the issue for OP, but instead judge granted the other party extra time not realizing they were taking time away from op, then had to rush op as judge failed to fairly manage his/her times. Yes it must be fair to other matters in court but it should also be fair to the parties of each matter.

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