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Originally Posted by trinton View Post
Yes, but they don't get to break laws just because they are a judge.

It's the way it was handles that makes the issue unique. Did judge allow both parties they time they were granted or take an hour from one party and give it to the other to a party's determinant.

Doesn't matter. A judge has to let you speak and listen to you when you speak. If they have any questions they could ask but generally this will allow opportunity for an appeal on the basis of bias as only the other party/ lawyer shoupd ask questions. If their questions are in relation yo driving the trial to relevant arguments then that is different.

Boring a judge can be the kiss of death.

I didnt realize parties were in court to entertain the judge , or the boss, as you like to refer to them. I would also sure hope that your very own relationship with your boss is one that of a 2 way street.
Ex has taken me to court 8+times - unsuccessfully. My opinion is based on observations of errors my ex made.

Judges are very busy with MANY files. They are acutely aware of time constraints and, in fairness to other people who have matters to be decided, they have to curtail nonsensical, time-consuming, repetitive arguments by high-conflict litigants (something they are quite adept at I might add).
I speak with my boss 1 - 2 times/year. I work and he pays me. Yes, it is a two-way street.... not sure what my boss has to do with this LOL.
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