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Originally Posted by OrleansLawyer View Post
Part of the judge's duty is to run their court room. It is within their power to limit how long parties have to make submissions. Triton is offering poor advice.

Telling you that you have 2 hours and cutting you off abruptly right on the clock like a robot is one thing and telling you that you have 2 hours then allowing other side to rant on for 3 hours and giving you only one hour and cutting you off abruptly is another thing. If the judge is limiting the parties then both parties should be cut off at their 2 hour time to not take time away from the other party. Definitely warrants a complaint and if enough citizens have that same issue with that particular judge then perhaps the judge needs to review their mandates and ensure they are not abusing their powers to the determinant of the parties, and quite possibly the best interests of the child.

I've been before a judge that initially told me too late I had my chance already when i mentioned I had something else to say following conclusion of my oral submission. But then I gave off the body language that I had somethimg very important to say and that I was saddened and shpuld maybe report the judge to the judical council and just sat there quietly and the judge turned to me very politely and asked me to go ahead and say what I had to say and listened to it and thanked me for sharing it with her. I have tons of respect for that particular judge.

Just remember that judges are supposed to permit you to speak and listen to you when you speak. They also mandated to be professional and treat you with respect.

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