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My STBX was always away... almost every night she would be leaving at 7-7h30 and would come back around 3 am. I was doing the homework with the kids and putting them to bed. When we separated, we kept leaving in the same house but in different rooms for over 6 months. She then changed the locks and made false allegations of abuse and DV. I couldn't re-enter the house and had no access with the kids for a long time. She is still in the matrimonial home with the kids and this has been going for almost 3 years.

Today, the kids have decided to stay with mom because they are used to stay there. Was this all planned by the mother to be this way... of course. Can I and will the justice do anything about it? Nope! It was a setup against me and I will have to pay. Is it because the children saw that I was wrong? Nope... It's clearly because the mother had implicated the children in the conflict to gain their loyalty. I have full of evidences to disclose in front of justice. Will it bring back the relation I used to have with my children? Nope. This is the truth in Canadian Divorce. If a parent uses the children over 12 years old as pawns, the non-custodial parent will pay and the other parent will get what he wants with no penalty. Court do not care how it was achieved as they stand with the BIOC. At that age, there is nothing we can do.
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