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Default Need Advise - sale of marital home - STBX exploiting order ?

Hi community,

situation is as follows:

1. I acquired an order for sale of the marital home 2 years ago.
2. we had an offer, a good one, STBX offers to purchase my at the offered price. I said ok.
3. STBX's real estate lawyer produces an offer that contains all kinds offside things, like payment of occupancy rent.
4. I flatly refuse take STBX back to court and get another offer that says "Parties shall accept first comercially reasonable offer..."
5. We have an offer, a low ball, 50K less, but as I understand we are under order to take it.
6. STBX is now demanding that she be allowed to step in again, and purchase my half at the new price.

The way I see it this is completely offside and unfair. If we both sold the marital home to a 3rd party, we each take a 25,000.00 hit.

If I sell her my half at the new price, she takes no hit, gets the house and I only take the 25K hit. She gets a 25K discount.

STBX is trying to exploit the situation where the order requires that we take the low ball. Thats the way I see it.

What do you guys think ?
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